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Noise Map 2016


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mapa de ruido
Due to the public information process started about the Strategic Noise Map 2016 published in the BOPA August 25th 2017, you can access the documentation both in electronic format on this same website and in paper format at the Citizen Services Offices located at the Antigua Pescadería Municipal.
Any natural or legal persona can make any inquiries, as well as make any allegations, during one month after the day the information was published on the BOPA.

More information

Gijón City Council's Environment Service has finished updating the Strategic Noise Map, a document whose main objectives, as per Law 37/2003, November 17th, about Noise, are:

  • Allow the global evaluation of the exposure to acoustic contamination of a specific zone.
  • Allow global predictions for that zone.
  • Allow the justified adoption of action plans regarding acoustic contamination and, in general, of corrective measures that are suitable.
Each pertinent administration creates and approves its strategic noise maps and sends it to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment to be compiled and in turn be shared with the European Commission.

The elaboration of these Maps pertains to all the urban agglomerations with more than 100,000 inhabitants and must be updated every 5 years.
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